Matang was incorporated as a special purpose vehicle to facilitate the listing of MHB on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. Through our subsidiaries, Matang group of companies (“Matang Group” or the “Group”) is involved in the management of plantation estate, sale of FFB and property investment holding.

The history of Matang Group can be traced back to the 1970’s era when businesses were mostly small family-owned sole proprietorships or partnerships that relied heavily on the involvement of family members. As the Malaysian economy grew, the need emerged for entrepreneurs to break away from traditional family business practices and began to effect the formation of large corporations in order to withstand increasing business competition.

April 3, 1978

MHB was incorporated on 3 April 1978 under Companies Act 1965 as public limited company following the success of establishment of Multi-Purpose Holding Berhad (now known as Magnum Berhad) which raised capital local community for investment purpose.

December 15, 1981

The fund raising exercise of MHB was completed and it successfully raised RM60 million with the issuance of 120,000,000 MHB shares at RM0.50 each.

September 11, 1982

The wholly-owned subsidiary of MHB, MRSB was incorporated.  The principal activity of MRSB is property investment holding.

September, 1983

MHB acquired our plantation land with a total net land area of 1,096.3 hectares within the District of Ledang and District of Segamat (“Matang Estate”) for a total purchase consideration of RM19.64 million.


Subsequent to the completion of acquisition of Matang Estate, we ventured into the plantation sector with the cultivation of rubber (on 72.6% of the land area) and oil palm (on the remaining 27.4% of land area) in Matang Estate.


MHB acquired the Larkin Investment Property which is now made up of three units of detached buildings at Kawasan Perindustrian Larkin (also known as Dato’ Onn Industrial Estate) in Johor Bahru for a total purchase consideration of RM2.8 million. At the time of acquisition, the Larkin Investment Property had a 1½-storey detached warehouse (Block A) which was built in 1976.


MHB completed the construction of another 1½-storey detached warehouse cum factory (Block B) on the Larkin Investment Property.


Our rubber yield declined drastically due to our ageing rubber trees. During this period, palm oil demand was on the rise which led to our management’s decision to cease our rubber plantation activities and to replace the rubber trees with oil palms.

MHB sold the Matang Estate to MRSB for the total consideration of RM54.18 million, satisfied partly via the allotment of 37.93 million ordinary shares of RM1.00 each in MRSB to MHB and partly via cash payment of RM16.25 million.


MHB completed the construction of a 5-storey detached flatted factory (Block C) on the Larkin Investment Property.


MRSB acquired the Tangkak Investment Land (Vacant land located in Tangkak, District of Ledang, Johor with a total land area of 5,016.85 square metres) for a total purchase consideration of RM1.2 million.


MHB was certified as having fulfilled the requirements of the ‘Code of Good Agriculture Practice for Oil Palm Estates and Smallholdings’ from the MPOB.

May 6, 2016

MHB and Matang entered into the Scheme Agreement to facilitate the Exchange of Shares.

October 15, 2016

Matang and the shareholders of MHB per the record of of the entire issued and paid-up share capital in MHB of RM60,000,002 comprising 120,000,004 MHB shares of RM0.50 each for 1,680,000,056 new Matang shares of RM0.10 each (“Matang Share”) (at the issue price of RM0.10 each per Matang Share) under Section 176 of the Companies Act, 1965 on the basis of 14 new Matang Shares for every one MHB Share held (“Exchange of Shares”).

November 14, 2016

The Exchanges of Shares was completed. MHB and its wholly-owned subsidiary, MRSB, became the subsidiaries of Matang Berhad