Matang obtained the shareholders’ approval for diversification into Durian Business in November 2019. It started the development of first durian plantation of 46.6 ha (“DP1.0”) in 2nd quarter of 2020 by replanting low yielding old oil palm trees of over 20 years old in Segamat Estate with durian trees. With the successful development of DP1.0, Matang Group commenced the development of its second durian plantation, also within Segamat Estate, measuring 54.34 ha (“Second Durian Plantation” or “DP2.0”) in June 2021.

Both DP1.0 and DP2.0 are under development stage with durian seedlings fully planted and grafted. The maturity of these durian trees is expected in 2026/2027, at the earliest. For the durian plantations developed by Matang, the focus or choice of durian breeds to plant or develop have been Musang King (“MK”) and Black Thorn (“BT”).
In July 2023, Matang completed the acquisition of MAPYP, a milestone which added 17.09 ha of durian plantation of MAPYP in Yong Peng (“DP Yong Peng”) into durian plantation portfolio of Matang Group.
The durian plantation of MAPYP is a mature yielding plantation with durian trees over 40 years old. While, the durian plantations of MAPS, i.e., DP1.0 and DP2.0 in Segamat Estate which were started in 2020 and 2021 respectively, are still in pre-maturity phase and fruiting after maturity of the durian trees is expected in 2026/2027.



Developed as part of Segamat Estate when the Board considered replanting of aged oil palm trees approaching 25 years old demonstrating low fruit yields, DP1.0 was the first parcel of land in Matang Group that was turned into durian plantations given its terrain on slopes.

Matang started the development of its First Durian Plantation or DP1.0 of 46.6 ha in 2nd quarter of 2020.  The initial development works included land clearing as well as earthworks such as felling of old oil palm trees, chipping of the felled oil palm trees and disposal of the same, terrace and road construction, construction of water conservation ponds and installation of water irrigation/management system, amongst others.

Further to the commencement of development in May 2020, the planting of all durian seedlings was completed for DP1.0 in February 2021.


Development works for DP2.0 started in 3rd quarter of 2021 with land clearing and earthworks that included construction of water conservation pond and installation of water irrigation system as well as construction of roads and terraces.

The development of DP2.0 of 54.34 ha was completed in October 2022 with 4,705 durian seedlings planted.


Within DP2.0, the Group has embarked the development of 10 acres of Durian Corridor where a number of various breeds of durian trees including also MK, BT, D101 have been planted with careful planning undertaken to turn it into a venue for purpose of agri cum edu-tourism centre for durian trees.


In addition to the organically developed durian plantations at home, i.e., in Segamat Estate, Matang has acquired also a company, GFSB, in July 2023 which has in its balance sheet, a freehold agricultural land of 56.226 ha on which various breeds of durian trees as old as 40 years old have been planted.

The durian plantation of MAPYP, as it was later re-named after Matang completed the acquisition, is of 17.09 ha and is a yielding mature durian plantation located not far from the main road that connects Yong Peng town to Parit Sulong and onwards to Muar.